There is no meaning but the meaning we create.

Having worked in the mental health and wellness fields, I’m fascinated by the unrealized misperceptions people have each day.  mirage provokes the idea of optical illusion with photographs of man-made structures deconstructed to the simplest form.  Accentuated line, shape and dimension with high-key color render these multiple exposures unrecognizable leaving the viewer open for interpretation.  The subject matter may seem familiar yet it is unclear.

Colors and design are added with the confinement of time constraints while shooting and self-imposed rules in post process.  Inspired by abstract expressionists and minimalists of the early 20th century, the photographs take on an appearance of gauche or watercolor paintings adding to the question of illusion.  These archival pigment prints are printed on traditional mold made paper with  a heritage that goes back hundreds of years.